Museum and grounds self-guided tours

Free, donations welcomed

Train Rides

Peter Cottontail Express & Punkin’ Pickin’ Extravaganza $20.00 each for all passengers, (VIP Sleeper Coach 2006 may vary)
Spring Fling Special, Mother & Son Special, Father’s Day Special, Magic on the Mercury & Chase, North Alabamian, Fall Color Special, all additional, regular, full length excursions $15.00 each (adults)
$10.00 each (children under 12 years of age) (VIP Sleeper Coach 2006 may vary)
Santa Train Trips

$20.00 each regular passengers, $30.00 each First Class Passengers (VIP Sleeper Coach 2006 may vary)

North Star Limited $35.00 each for all passengers (VIP Sleeper Coach 2006 may vary)

We get a lot of questions about our Pullman Sleeper Coach No. 2006 as far as the seating arrangement and sizes. Hopefully this Facebook video link below will help answer some of these questions.

Since the Pullman Sleeper Coach 2006 is considered a VIP coach, prices vary widely depending on train choice, room choice and seating arrangement.  Please see ticket page located here for exact pricing.

The Peter Cottontail Express, Punkin’ Pickin’ Extravaganza, Santa Train, and North Star Limited do not offer free, babe-in-arms seating. Every individual on board the train must have a ticket to ride, regardless of age.

Private Events

Due to our full summer and fall schedule, the North Alabama Railroad Museum is no longer hosting birthday parties, private field trips, or private rentals. We would love to see you and your family at one of our many rides this year !

Our regular excursions are run over the entire length of our line to make a 10 mile round trip. These trips last a little over 1 hour. Shorter trips last approximately 35 minutes.

The museum’s volunteer staff is present each Wednesday and Saturday until around noon to assist visitors. Visitors may take a free self-guided tour and there are tour sheets and museum brochures in the waybill box located on the north side of the depot. We request visitors to stay off the track do not climb on equipment and to obey all signs. Unfortunately we no longer offer guided tours. The museum depends on its income from train rides and donations from visitors who are interested in seeing a bit of our local rail history preserved.  Donations are always welcomed !

Museum brochures and train schedules can be found locally at the Tourist Information Center on Church Street and at the museum’s Chase Depot.  The tickets you purchase will list your car number and seat number(s).  

Safety Notes:

We want your visit to the museum to be a safe and enjoyable one, so we ask that you please abide by the following guide lines:

  • Train operations require the use of loud whistles that may startle very young children and there are safety considerations around trains and heavy equipment, therefore we ask that you keep young children close by your side and under control.
  • Please wear comfortable properly fitting (casual) clothes and shoes that provide good footing for the train ride and / or tour.
  • Please, when you visit, do not attempt to walk or balance on top of the rails or allow children to do the same.  Rails are very slippery and can cause a very a bad fall and serious injury.
  • Please do not place objects such as pennies on top of rails.
  • Please do not allow children to climb on equipment as this could prove to be very dangerous.
  • Please obey all of the museum signs including the “No Visitors Beyond This Point” signs.


  • To order tickets by phone, please call the Chase depot 256-851-6276 Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 8PM, Saturday 9AM to 5PM, and Sunday 1PM to 6 PM to speak to an operator. You may also order your tickets using the “Buy Tickets” button on this website.  Credit cards are accepted to include Visa, Mastercard and Discovery card .
  • Prices are subject to change, please call to verify. All ticket sales are final and non-refundable. Museum website email address cannot be used to make or change reservations. For more information on ticket purchase restrictions please follow this link: com | Purchase Policy
  • Any seats remaining or any unclaimed seats will be sold at 5 minutes before scheduled departure on a first come / first served basis at the ticket counter.
  • Passengers should arrive at least 30 minutes prior to scheduled departure times.
  • For all regular train rides, babes in arms (not requiring a seat) ride for free.  For our special train rides (Peter Cottontail, Punkin’ Pickin’ Extravaganza, North Star Limited and the Santa Train), every rider, regardless of age, must have a ticket. These special train rides are specifically intended for families with children. All children must be accompanied by an adult on all train rides.
  • No outside food or drink is permitted on the train.  Remember, you’re riding in classic antiques.
  • Our policy is we only allow certified service animals on the train.
  • If you bring a baby stroller you will be asked to store it nearby before boarding the train for the ride.
  • Wheelchair spaces are only available in car 1000, so please be aware of this when you purchase your tickets as this car is not always on the train (for example the Santa Train rides). When you buy your tickets you will be asked to specify if it is for a wheelchair space (only 2 wheelchair spaces are available per train ride).
  • The souvenir shop is located in car 1000 and we do accept credit card purchases. When car 1000 is not on the train (for example the Santa Train rides) it will be parked across the tracks from the Chase Depot and may be visited before or after a train ride. This could be a good chance to get your Christmas shopping done!
  • During your visit to the museum, pictures and/or videos might be taken by museum members for promotional purposes and possibly used in our newsletter, on the NARM website or on social media. If you do not wish for images of you or members of your group to be taken, please inform the museum volunteer taking them.

We recommend that riders make reservations in advance for the train rides, especially if you are coming from a far distance.  Riders should always make reservations well in advance for the Santa Train and North Star Limited as these rides sell out very early.