While we know it has become very popular to have your picture made near railroad cars and railroad tracks, we would like to take this opportunity to remind you of some safety issues involved. Unless it is done properly and with the permission of the railroad (or in this case the museum), the results can encourage unsafe behavior at best and be perilous at worst.

We encourage visitors to use their cameras, camcorders or cellphones, as the case may be, to capture their experience as they visit at our museum. However, we do have a few ground rules we ask you to obey for your safety and wellbeing as well as for ours (security cameras are on premises).

  1. Obey all signs that say “Stay off the track”. Do not attempt to walk on the rails or photograph anyone walking, standing or sitting on the rails. The rails can be slippery and can result in a nasty fall and such visual images can also encourage others to imitate this behavior.
  2. Obey all signs that say “Do not climb on equipment”. Photos and videos can be taken on the locomotive and caboose platform areas that have handrails, but be advised that when you use such areas you are doing so at your own risk. Children should be closely supervised at all times and children under 12 must be assisted on and off all equipment.
  3. Stay away from the Norfolk Southern mainline (the railroad to the south of the Chase Depot) at all times. This railroad is busy and has many long and fast freight trains that cannot stop or even slow down if you are on the track. In fact, you can even be arrested for trespassing.

Professional photographers are required to secure permission to photograph and video record. They must fill out a form available in the Chase Depot (or download the PDF below) and it must be approved and signed by at least one NARM board member or officer. The permission form will be kept on file in the Chase Depot and is valid for one year from its original date. Please note, museum will occasionally be closed to the general public for private events, we apologize for any inconvenience this might cause.

NARM Photographer / Videographer Release Form