No.DescriptionYear BuiltRR Built ForBuilderNotes
11Locomotive1926 Union CarbideIR/GE/ALCoUnder Restoration-
484Locomotive1949 LackawannaALCoS-2, In service
1534Locomotive1952 Sante FeALCoS-4, Not in service.
8652Locomotive1945 U.S. ArmyALCoRSD-1, In service
213Locomotive1941 Manufacturers RRALCoS-2, In service
139Baggage1924 Southern RwyACF61 ft. Baggage
498Baggage1917 Southern RwyPullman61 ft. Clerestory Roof
537Baggage1941 Southern RwySt. Louis CarHarriman Roof
900057Baggage- Southern Rwy-70 ft. Baggage
3585R.P.O.1928 CNO & TPBSCRestored
1000Concess/Diner1943 U.S. ArmyACFHosp. Car SAC
2007Coach- L & N-Sold
2573Coach1929 L & NACFHeavywt, Clere Rf
4673Coach1926 Southern RwyPullman46 seat Heavywt.
4679Coach1926 Southern RwyPullman46 seat Heavywt.
6072Coach1947 Pennsylvania RRBudd60 seat stainless
6082Coach1939 Pennsylvania RRBudd60 seat stainless
6090Coach1940 Pennsylvania RRBudd60 seat stainless
24588Tank Car- GATX-Freight
33712Box Car196650 foot, Southern Rwy-Freight/storage
34327Box Car1968 50 foot, Southern Rwy-Freight/storage
63601Ice Bunker Reefer- Dubuque-40 ft.
910007Flat Car1953 Southern Rwy-Various service.
X16Caboose- N & W / Interstate-Wooden Cupola, destroyed by fire
X90Caboose- Central of Georgia-Wooden Cupola (destroyed by fire 2019)
X3087Caboose1947 Southern Rwy-Steel Bay Window
X775Caboose1950 Southern Rwy-Steel Bay Window
43573Troop Sleeper1943? C & EIPullmanSold 2014
80067Troop Kitchen Car1944 MONONACFMaterial Storage
Villa Real10-3 Sleeper1911 Pennsylvania RRPullmanPrivate owned
200610-6 Sleeper1949 Southern RwyPullman Std85 ft.Ocmulgee River
4521Coach 1927 C, B & Q Pullman Poudre River SSS Chair
2463Diner1914 Union Pacific Pullman-
26053Box Car1950 U.S. Army P-SCM40 foot
38439Flat1953 U.S. Army Mager Car Corp 56.5 feet, 100 Ton
38473Flat1953 U.S. Army Mager Car Corp 56.5 feet, 100 Ton
38212Flat1953 U.S. Army Mager Car Corp 56.5 feet, 100 Ton
38099Flat1953 U.S. Army Mager Car Corp 56.5 feet, 100 Ton
1768Horse Transport1923 Union PacificACF-
American Rapids
Sleeper 6-6-4
1942, Rebuilt 1970 as MOW
Union Pacific PullmanRebuilt for MOW 1970 as 906087, acquired from Great Western Rwy.
248115Motor Car1980 U.S. Army Fairmont A4D, MC-01, In Service
150690Motor Car- Southern Rwy Fairmont M-19, 001-M
?Motor Car- Alabama Docks Fairmont ??, MC-02
215994Motor Car- Southern Rwy Fairmont M-9
-Trackmobile- U.S. ArmyWhiting Corp. 5TM
12-663-84Tie Crane1984-KershawModel 12-4
432HydraSpiker1990Wisconsin CentralNordbergModel Super B
Boxcar1950US Army 40 footPullman StandardFreight/Storage
This is a list of the museum’s rolling stock and locomotives.